Fireworks & Special Effect Services

Serving Alberta & Western Canada

Fireworks Display Services

Fireworks is at the heart of what we do. We’ve been lighting up Alberta’s skys for over a decade, and we look forward to lighting up the sky over your event!


Fireworks Displays

We are Alberta’s fireworks display experts. We’ve been bringing the boom to events since 2009.


Pyromusical Displays

We produce epic pyro-musical displays, artistically designed and executed with exacting precision using high tech computer run firing systems.


Consumer Fireworks Sales

We sell consumer fireworks through our retail partner Get the best deals on fireworks, shipped directly to your door from our Western Canada location.

Special Effects Services


Cold Spark Machines

Pyrotechnic simulators emit a fountain of sparks just like pyrotechnic devices with no fire risk and no smoke or odor and can be used indoors our out!


C02 (Cryo-jets)

Cryo-jets emit a huge column of C02 that resembles fog and instantly dissipates. Great for instantly grabbing and directing the attention of your audience.



Everyone loves confetti. We can fill a room or a stadium on demand with our fleet of confetti cannons and blasters.


Smoke & Fog

Atmospheric effects can make your space visually thrilling, creepy, or ethereal. Fill the room, or cover just the floor. We can help with any of your smoke or fog needs.



Everyone loves bubbles! Enhance your event with tens of thousands of bubbles generated by our buble machines.



Elevate your event space with colour and light, highlight architectural features or just add a splash of color anywhere in your space.