Colour that illuminates from the ground up!

Convert boring community halls and hotel banquet halls into dazzling wonderlands.

Our LED uplighting service creates a dazzling environment for any event. With vibrant colours and options such as UV light, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable ambience with any colour or combination of colours you choose. Nothing elevates a boring room quite like uplighting. Request a free consultation with our lighting experts today!

Premium Equipment Produces Premium Results

We use the ADJ "Mega Hex Par", a sit-flat par light with best in class LED colour mixing, brightness, and saturation; specifically designed for up-lighting applications.

  • 5 x 6-Watt, 6-IN-1 HEX (RGBWA+UV) LEDs
  • HEX LEDs allow for any colour to be produced, while the addition of the UV LEDs unlock wider pallet of colors like hot pink, lime green and electric blue
  • Smooth Color Mixing (fast or slow color change operation)
  • ADJ’s patented “sit-flat” design: cable in/outs intelligently designed so the fixtures may be set flat on the ground, or each light can be configured for any angle using the built in yolk bracket.

The lights can have their colours set individually, or an optional controller can be provided to switch modes from a static wall wash to a sound activated "party" mode for your dance.

Answers To Questions You Probably Have

  • How much does uplighting cost?

    We 2 simple price points, which are DIY and "Full Service" options, and charge a per-light fee.

    • DIY uplighting starts at $25/light/day - we deliver and pickup the lights, and provide instructions (both written and video) on how to setup and configure the lights.
    • "Full Service" uplighting starts at $40/light/day - we our deliver, setup, and configure your lights for you, as well as pick them up after your event.

    There is a minimum rental of 10 lights for both DIY and Full Service options.

  • How many lights do I need?

    The number of lights you need is based on low large your venue is, as well as how much coverage you want. It's best that you contact us using the form below for a free consultation to figure out exactly how many lights

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