Cryo Jets... Not Just For EDM Shows

Are you looking to elevate the atmosphere at your event? If the answer is yes, then CO2 cryo jets are just what you need for your next event. Cryo jets are a unique special effect that will instantly crank up the energy for any live event, indoors or out by instantly generating giant plumes of thick CO2 fog that can reach as high as 8-10m.

Answers To Questions You Probably Have

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive regarding cold spark machines.

  • Are they safe to use indoors?

    Yes! Sparkular machines are specifically designed to be used indoors. There is no combustion, the sparks produced are much cooler than similar effects, and they produce no smell or smoke.

    When run by a responsible operator following a few simple guidelines, they are extremely safe with very little to no fire risk or safety concerns.

  • Will my venue allow me to use the sparkular machines?

    Most of the time, yes. However, you must obtain permission which we can help with if they have any concerns.