Cryo Jets... Not just for EDM shows anymore

Are you looking to elevate the atmosphere at your event? If the answer is yes, then CO2 cryo jets are just what you need for your next event. Cryo jets are a unique special effect that will instantly crank up the energy for any live event, indoors or out by instantly generating giant plumes of thick CO2 fog that can reach as high as 8-10m.

CO2 cryo jet rental gear Available with or without a technician.

We offer technician attended, fully produced CO2 cyro jet services, or you can rent the gear for your event to be operated by your team. Delivery and setup is available in the Calgary area for all rentals, and equipment can be shipped Canada Wide with appropriate lead time.

Handheld Cryo Blaster

$80 (first 5 days)

Handheld Cryo Blaster

One of our most popular rentals, this high quality hand held cryo blaster gun is the perfect addition to any party. DJs love these and use them to surprise and delight their audiences; new brides and grooms use them to amp up their parties and COOL DOWN the room.


$125 (first 5 days)


Cryojets are a blast for concerts, clubs, parties, an other live events. Create huge plumes of white fog while simultaneously cooling any area by 10-15 degrees in just a few seconds with our our special effects CO2 cryojets.

Club Cannon Pro Jet

$150 (first 5 days)

Club Cannon Pro Jet

The Pro Jet is the industry's most versatile Cryo Jet. With on board DMX control, easy angle output, CO2 passthrough & truss clamp mounting point, the Pro Jet is suitable for a variety of applications.

Answers to questions you probably have

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive regarding cold spark machines.

  • Do you supply the CO2 gas?

    Yes, we can supply the CO2 gas for events happening in the Caglary area. CO2 is available in 20lb and 65lb tanks. Tanks can be connected together with special adaptors to ensure you have enough gas for your entire event without needing to swap tanks.

    For events elsewhere, or if you wish to source your own gas, CO2 is available from most welding gas suppliers, including Linde, Air Liquide.

    NOTE: Cyrojets require liquid CO2 tanks with a siphon tube (also called a dip tube). Standard CO2 tanks will not produce the cryojet fog effect. These tanks are very heavy and require special handling.

  • Are they safe to use indoors?

    Cyrojets are routinely used indoors and outdoors. They are very safe, but there are a few things that need to be considered to use them safely.

    They do emit carbon dioxide gas, so you need to be mindful of the ventilation in your space if using them indoors. Do not use them in small enclosed spaces with limited ventilation.

    They also use liquid CO2 gas, which can instantly freeze skin and flesh. Because of this, you will want to make sure any performers or members of the public are a safe distance away from them at all times.

  • Are they loud?

    Yes, very! These are meant to be used in loud and/or high-energy environments. If you need something quieter, please consider our vertical fog jet/geyser machines for a similar effect that uses quick dissipating fog fluid instead of high-pressure CO2.

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