Product Specifications

  • Voltage ac110v/220v, 60hz/50hz
  • Power consumption 30w
  • Hose pressure valve 2600psi
  • Control DMX / Momentary Power
  • Max effect time 20 seconds
  • Angle 0-90 degrees adjustable
  • Max pressure 1400psi
  • Effect height 10-12m
  • Unit weight 5.6kg
  • Dimensions 25*16*45cm

Rent starting from $125.00 (first 5 days)

Cryojets are a blast for concerts, clubs, parties, an other live events. Create huge plumes of white fog while simultaneously cooling any area by 10-15 degrees in just a few seconds with our our special effects CO2 cryojets.

These cryojets can be placed on the floor, or mounted to walls and truss. They are controlled via either momentary power or DMX, and instantly create jets of CO2 fog at any angle you choose.

Cryojets they leave behind no mess, producing CO2 fog that is just pure water vapour that instantly disapates, and will not set off fire alarms.

  • 0° to 90° adjustable effect angle
  • No ice slag design, pure fog output with no solids
  • Dual DMX Channel ensures ease of use and a high degree of safety.
  • Effect hight can reach 10 to 12 meters (32 to 39 feet)
  • 1600psi maximum operating pressure

Rental includes:

  • Powercon power cord
  • 3m (15') CO2 hose
  • Spare CO2 Gaskets

You may also need:

  • Liquid CO2 (minimum 20lbs per cryojet)
  • Crescent wrench
  • PPE (gloves, eye & hearing protection)

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Our SFX rental gear is allocated on a first come, first served basis, taking into account transit times to and from your location if you are not located in the Calgary area. Call us at 403-201-9975, or use the form below to request this gear (Cryojet) for your event or project. Someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability and get your rental reservation setup. Please note a deposit of 50% of your rental fee is required to secure your reservation.

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