Sparkular Cold Spark Machines

Magnum Fireworks offers Sparkular™ cold spark machines available for rent in the Calgary area, and are available with or without one of our SFX technicians to run them for you.

Cold Spark machines are pyrotechnic simulators that produce an impressive effect identical to a pyrotechnic spark fountain, but create no smoke or foul smell and have less of a fire risk when used according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

These pyrotechnic simulators are the #1 requested effect in the special events industry and can be used for weddings, concerts, sporting events, corporate gatherings, conferences and/or any event you want to add some "wow factor" to without all the extra work and logistics of using pyrotechnics.

Benefits of Sparkular™ Cold Spark Machines:

  • Can be turned on and off instantly via a remote DMX controller or a handheld wireless remote
  • Produce no smoke or smell
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (weather dependant)
  • Present a greatly reduced fire risk when used properly (you can hold your hand over the sparks without getting burned)
  • Density and height can be adjusted

Sparkular cold spark rental gear Available with or without a technician.

We offer technician-attended, fully produced cold spark services, or you can rent the gear for your event to be operated by your team. Delivery and setup is available in the Calgary area for all rentals, and equipment can be shipped Canada-wide with appropriate lead time.

Showven Host Controller

The Host Controller is an intelligent system specially designed for the remote control and monitoring of SPARKULAR® series products, allowing for manual control of all Sparkular units, groups of Sparkular machines, or individual units. 

Showven Sparkular Spin

$400 (first 5 days)

Showven Sparkular Spin

SPARKULAR® SPIN is another global pioneering SPARKULAR® machine originally from SHOWVEN. With two 20° angled nozzles and bidirectional rotatable structure, it creates the waltz-like lissome and romantic sparks. With adjustable rotation direction, rotational speed and effect height, SPARKULAR® SPIN bring a new visual effect to your events.

Showven Sparkular Mini Cold Spark Machine

SPARKULAR® mini is an affordable sparks solution based on SPARKULAR® platform, it is with fixed sparks effects at around 2-3m. Equipped with wireless remote and DMX double control ensure the versatile use for wedding, party, clubs, cruise ships etc. venues and stages.

Moka 750 Watt Cold Spark Machine

These 750w cold spark machines are designed to create a stunning stream of sparks that are cold to the touch, and are adjustable up to 15 feet high. Very simple to operate with a simple interface.

Answers To Questions You Probably Have

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive regarding cold spark machines.

  • Are they safe to use indoors?

    Yes! Sparkular machines are specifically designed to be used indoors. There is no combustion, the sparks produced are much cooler than similar effects, and they produce no smell or smoke.

    When run by a responsible operator following a few simple guidelines, they are extremely safe with very little to no fire risk or safety concerns.

  • Are fire permits required to use Sparkular devices?

    It depends on the local rules and regulations established by the fire department having jurisdiction over your venue. Many don't regulate the use of Cold Spark machines (yet), however that is changing. 

    For example, the City of Calgary (where we are headquartered) now considers these machines to be in the same category as traditional pyrotechnics and therefore requires a permit for their use. To obtain a permit you must meet their requirements, including having a licensed pyrotechnician to operate the machines.

    It is up to you to understand the local rules and regulations and use the machines in accordance with all local laws and regulations. We are available to consult on any particular municipality's rules and can provide a licensed pyrotechnician when and where required.

  • Will my venue allow me to use the sparkular machines?

    Most of the time, yes. However, you must obtain permission which we can help with if they have any concerns.

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