Fully Produced Fireworks Displays

Elevate your event with fireworks. We can help.

We want to be your official fireworks partner.

We have been producing fireworks displays in Alberta and throughout Western Canada since 2009, and have successfully executed hundreds of displays with a perfect safety record. We are the best in our industry, and we’re standing by to work with you to plan and execute what is likely to be the most anticipated and important component of your event: a spectacular fireworks display!

There are two primary types of fireworks displays that happen at events; traditional fireworks displays, and the more extravagant pyromusical fireworks displays that feature fireworks synchronized with musical soundtracks to create a multi-sensory experience that excites and thrills unlike anything else.

No matter which you choose, your event can and will benefit from the addition of a fireworks display attracting more attendees and retaining more of them until the conclusion of your event.

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Randall Quon

White glove service Set it and forget it.

When you hire us to produce a display for your event, we handle every aspect of your fireworks display start to finish; from the initial planning to producing a safety plan and working with your local authorities for the necessary permits, all the way through to actually setting up and shooting your fireworks display, we will make sure the grande finale of your event is nothing short of spectacular!

You can rest assured knowing that every detail has been planned out from start to finish by our team, and will be executed flawlessly on the day of your event.

Guaranteed results You will be the talk of the town.

Our fireworks displays speak for themselves, and we have built our reputation on providing big, loud, obnoxious fireworks displays that people talk about for days, and that tend to blow up social media with all types of reactions: elated, joyful, thankful, and even mad as hell.

If someone somewhere isn’t ing at us by the time we are done with your display, we have likely failed you. We absolutely guarantee every display we produce to be among the best you’ve ever seen and if not, we will do everything in our power to make it right!

Answers To Questions You Probably Have

Hosting a fireworks display can seem complicated and overwhelming. However, we have produced hundreds of displays so we are uniquely able to simplify the process, and handle all of the overwhelming aspects for you. Here are answers to some of the common questions we receive when planning fireworks displays for our clients.

  • How much does a fireworks display cost?

    The million-dollar question, but usually not a million dollars.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a simple answer for you.

    The minimum show we produce starts at $2500 for a 5 minute show. From there, we are capable of scaling up to meet your needs. Every event is different, and the cost of a display varies depending on the intended outcome.

    Some examples we will usually provide potential clients are as follows. A typical small town Canada Day show usually costs between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, bigger communities often host displays in the 10 to 20 thousand dollar range. Shows like you see at international competitions like GlobalFest usually range in the 30-50 thousand dollar range, or more.

    We recommend you decide on a budget you are comfortable with prior to contacting us, and we can work with you to produce an impressive display that fits your budget.

  • How early do I need to book a fireworks display?

    We book event dates on a first come, first served basis, around the availability of our team and equipment. While, we can perform multiple displays on any given date, some dates naturally see a greater demand. Other dates just book up for no explicable reason and this can change from year to year, so to ensure the highest likelihood of us having availability for your event, please ensure you engage us as early as you can.

    As a general rule of thumb, please try to book at least 6 weeks in advance of your event so we can arrange the various aspects of your display, with 12 weeks (3 months) being an ideal window to plan and execute your fireworks display.

    For “big” fireworks holidays such as Canada Day and New Years Eve, we generally are fully booked as far as a year or more in advance.

  • How does weather affect a fireworks display?

    Fireworks displays happen year round, and can be set up in any weather. We regularly perform shows when the weather is less than ideal (like on rainy days), as long as conditions aren’t unsafe for our crew, your spectators or any surrounding buildings or property.

    There are some common reasons why we might need to postpone performances:

    • severe storms with high winds;
    • thunderstorms (lightning);
    • extreme temperatures (+30° or higher / -30° or lower)
      • Please note that our electronics do not function reliably in weather below -20°, therefore in these temperatures we will manually discharge fireworks if your display is unable to be rescheduled.

    If your display cannot be discharged due to unfavorable or unsafe conditions, we will work with you to postpone your display to an alternate date as soon as possible after your event was originally scheduled.

  • Do you have appropriate insurance coverage in place?

    Yes! We carry a 5 million dollar commercial general liability (CGL) policy that covers all of our operations in relation to your event.

    You will be added as an “additional insured” for the purposes of your event, and any other parties that require the same can be added as well. This usually includes the property/land owner (and/or lessee), your insurance company, and sometimes even your local fire services as they are providing permission for your event by issuing a permit.

    In addition to our CGL policy, we have WCB coverage in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as WorkSafeBC coverage in BC, so all of our staff are fully covered while working at your event.

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