Pyromusical Fireworks Displays

Firworks + Music = Pure Magic

A Pyromusical is a fireworks display that is choreographed to music, drawing on the excitement and emotion of the music to enhance the effect of the fireworks display, taking it from just another fireworks display to a true multi-sensory experience.

True pyromusicals aren't just fireworks with some music playing in the background. A true pyromusical is a complex production that considers every nuance of the music and pyrotechnics being used, expertly pairing the two mediums utilizing sophisticated electronic equipment and computers to discharge the fireworks with precision down to 1/100th of a second.

A pyromusical can be rightly considered an art form all unto itself, and The Magnum Fireworks team has an enviable reputation in producing some of the most spectacular pyromusical displays in Western Canada. When you want more than just a fireworks display for your event, trust our team to provide a pyromusical experience you and your guests won't ever forget!

Pyromusical Display FAQ

Hosting a fireworks display can seem complicated and overwhelming. However, we have produced hundreds of displays so we are uniquely able to simplify the process, and handle all of the overwhelming aspects for you.

We have prepared some frequently asked questions for fireworks displays which can be viewed by clicking here. Below are some questions and answers to some of the common questions we receive when specifically planning pyromusical fireworks displays.

  • Can I choose the music used in my display?

    Yes, of course you can be involved in the sound track selection and mastering process. We can also take on this often stressful and time consuming task on your behalf.

    If you want to be in the drivers seat to select you music, just know that there is a lot of music that lends itself towards use in a pyromusical display, and inversely there are types of music that just doesn't work. Our experts have over a decade of experience putting these types of shows together and will help you navigate the process of music selection, licensing, and mastering into a sound track ready to form the foundation of your pyromusical display.

    If you would rather we handle this process entirely, we can also take any suggested genre or genres of music, a specific theme, or any other criteria and put together a suggested soundtrack for you saving the time required to select music.

  • How do I obtain the necessary licenses to use music in my display?

    You will require a SOCAN license for your display, and the process to apply is fairly straightforward. We will walk you through the process step by step. The licensing fee is likely much lower than you would expect, and is dependent on the number of people you expect to have in attendance.

    We carry the other various licenses required for the storage, use, and playback of digital music for the purposes of your display from our equipment.

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