Confetti & Streamers

We provide confetti production services and rentals in Calgary and throughout Alberta. We ship confetti and equipment all throughout Canada for events large and small! Whether you are looking for electric or COpowered confetti launchers to fill large spaces with clouds of confetti, cannons for a single blast of confetti and/or streamers to accentuate a moment, or hand-held canons that can be used anywhere, we can help.

No matter your venue — arenas, amphitheaters, stadiums, gymnasiums, banquet halls, or even backyards, we offer a full range of services and products to make your event unforgettable!

Concerts & Live Music

Fill your stage or cover your crowd with confetti and streamers, and create enthusiasm that can't be created any other way. A huge cloud of confetti or the glinting and glittering effect of hundreds of streamers shooting out over your audience is guaranteed to create an unforgettable moment full of excitement and emotion.

Event Planning Companies

Offer your clients the awe and excitement of confetti and streamer streamers - and leave the details to us. Metalic streamers provide a visually stunning and surprising effect similar to fireworks, and can be used indoor or out. Our confetti blowers can provide a cloud of any color of confetti to ramp up the excitement at any event!

Sporting Events

Nothing accentuates a big win like a huge cloud of confetti. Our large CO2 confetti launchers can send a continuous flow of confetti up to 10-15 meters into the air and cover an area of 300 square meters. We also have smaller confetti launchers and blowers to fit all sizes of events and venues.

Answers To Questions You Probably Have

Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive regarding our confetti and streamer services.

  • Who cleans up the mess?

    We do not provide cleanup services, however many venues that allow confetti will offer cleanup services for an additional fee.

    When a venue doesn't offer a cleanup option, many of our clients simply nominate staff members or volunteers to cleanup confetti after the room/venue has been torn down and loaded out. We recommend using a shop vac and/or electric leaf blower to make the job easier.

  • Can I (should I) use confetti outdoors?

    We offer environmentally friendly biodegradable and nearly instantly water soluble confetti for use outdoors. This confetti can be used in any outdoor setting including environmentally sensitive areas. Please ask us about your options if you wish to use confetti outdoors.

  • My venue won't allow confetti. Why?

    Simply put, confetti is messy, and they don't want to be left cleaning up the mess. There is also a chance they have equipment or machinery that could be negatively affected if confetti were to get into it.

    You may be able to convince your venue to allow you to use confetti if you assure them you will properly clean up after yourself. If not, ask if you can use streamers instead - it's also a visually impressive effect with much less mess and limited cleanup requirements.

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