Showven Sparkular Mini Cold Spark Machine

Manuals & Usage Instructions

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions 168×180×228mm
  • Weight 4.5kg
  • Voltage 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Working Power 380W
  • Hopper Capacity 100g
  • Granule Consumption Rate Approx 15g/min
  • Effect Height 2-2.5m (Medium)
    3-3.5m (Large)
  • Interface 3-pin XLR, POWER IN/OUT
  • Control MX 2 channels
    Wireless Remote
    Showven Host Controller

Rent starting from $200.00 per day

Available for rent canada wide - contact us for a quote

SPARKULAR® mini is an affordable sparks solution based on SPARKULAR® platform, it is with fixed sparks effects at around 2-3m. Equipped with wireless remote and DMX double control ensure the versatile use for wedding, party, clubs, cruise ships etc. venues and stages.

NOTICE: This is a restricted rental.

For all rentals intended for use in the City of Calgary, you must provide proof of liability insurance (covering the use of pyrotechnics), as well as have a licensed pyrotechnician on-site during your event to operate the cold spark machines. Customers are required to follow all local laws and regulations related to the use of this equipment and must obtain permission from the venue. If you cannot meet these requirements, we can supply a technician covered by our CGL insurance policy within 200km of Calgary. If you are outside this area, please get in touch with us as we may be able to arrange for a technician in your area.

SPARKULAR® mini is an affordable sparks solution based on SPARKULAR® platform, it is with fixed sparks effects at around 2-3m. Equipped with wireless remote and DMX double control ensure the versatile use for wedding, party, clubs, cruise ships etc. venues and stages.

  • Safe, non-pyro, no gunpowder and multi built-in safety sensors
  • Integrated wireless technology, unexposed, anti-collision
  • One button start, easy operation
  • Tilt protection, safer for use
  • Light weighted and compact design, easy to carry 

Rental includes:

  • Wireless Remote
  • Power Cord
  • 50g Sparkular Granules (Medium or Large)

You may also need:

  • Extension Cords
  • Extra Sparkular Granules

Reserve your gear today, availability is limited.

Our SFX rental gear is allocated on a first come, first served basis, taking into account transit times to and from your location if you are not located in the Calgary area. Call us at 403-201-9975, or use the form below to request this gear (Showven Sparkular Mini Cold Spark Machine) for your event or project. Someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability and get your rental reservation setup. Please note a deposit of 50% of your rental fee is required to secure your reservation.

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Please note:By declining our technician service, you may be required to provide proof of necessary license(s), insurance, and/or other credentials before being permitted to rent this equipment. Restricted rentals are for qualified customers only. Customers who do not meet our requirements will require a technician to attend your event.

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Frequent Questions About Our SFX Rentals

  • I just need it for a few hours. Can I get a discounted price?

    Sorry, but the answer is no. Really when you think about it, most people only need the gear for a few hours during an event. However, it takes time and effort from our team to prep your rental order, make sure it gets to you (whether you are picking it up, or having it delivered or shipped), provide any necessary support during your usage period, and of course receive it back from you and inspect and return it to our inventory. 

    Our pricing has been thoughtfully crafted to be fair and appropriate. Some of our more specialized equipment is rented out by the day, whereas some of the more consumer-focused items are rented with a 5 day initial rental term, with additional days being calculated at 1/5 of the initial rate.

    Why do we price our equipment like this? The 5-day rentals are designed to allow you to rent something from us on a Thursday or Friday, and return it the following Monday or Tuesday. Since we are closed on the weekend, this saves you from having to pay for additional days you are not using simply because you are physically unable to return it. Equipment listed as being priced "per day" are generally more specialized rentals that are in high demand.

  • I'm not located in Calgary. How does shipping work?

    If the item you want to rent is marked as being available Canada Wide, you can request a rental and we will provide a quote for the entire order, including shipping. 

    Please allow at least a week prior to your event for our team to ship your equipment. Larger items require to be sent via freight services, whereas smaller items will be shipped via Purolator or Fedex. A return label will be included and we will arrange to have the equipment picked up when you are done with it.

  • Is insurance required?

    Liability Insurance: You are solely responsible for the safe operation of the equipment you rent from us. It is highly recommended that you have liability insurance coverage for yourself, your organization, or for your specific event. For some of our equipment marked as a restricted rental, we do require that you have appropriate liability insurance and can provide a certificate of insurance with us as an additional insured for the duration of your rental term.

    Loss/theft/damage Insurance: Some of our equipment is very expensive to replace, and as with any rental agreement you assume responsibility for that equipment while it's in your possession. We recommend that you purchase appropriate insurance for the gear you are renting in case of loss due to theft or damage.