Confetti & Streamer SFX

For 2024 Graduation Celebrations

Create epic memories and generate major excitement

Whether for your convocation ceremony or the after party, we offer a wide array of confetti and streamer services ranging from an unforgettable Super Bowl style confetti launch filling the room with confetti, to an equally impressive streamer launch resembling indoor fireworks (that has a much lower cleanup effort).

We have the right equipment to make your graduation celebration the most memorable grad in your area! From hand-held launchers to stationary air-powered cannons, all the way up to CO2-powered blower launchers that can launch up to 3lbs of confetti per second (shown on the left or below); there are options for every type and size of graduation celebration big or small.

With rental equipment packages starting at just $250, and fully produced (technician-attended) launches starting at just $995, we have options for every size and style of grad event happening in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are answers to some of the common questions we receive when planning SFX for special events (like Graduations!).

  • Confetti seems messy. Is it hard to clean up?

    There is no denying that confetti IS messy. But with the right tools and strategy, cleanup can be quick and easy. We can supply electric leaf blowers that help get all the confetti into a single area, where you can sweep it up with a broom and dustpan and place it in the garbage or recycling.

    If you want a lower mess option, consider streamers instead of confetti! They are a very impactful effect, and much easier to clean up. Your audience will likely do most of the work for you, as people love picking up the streamers as souvenirs.

  • Do we need one of your technicians to operate the confetti launcher equipment?

    No technician is required, all of our equipment is very easy to use and operate. We will ship or deliver the equipment directly to you along with detailed instructions, and provide unlimited phone support (video chat is available too) to help you get ready for your launch.

    If you are in the Calgary area, our technicians are standing by to assist with your big moment for a small additional fee - we can take the responsibility for at least one item on your event schedule off your shoulders and let you focus on... everything else! 

  • How does shipping work?

    If you are unable to visit us to pick up the equipment, we will handle the delivery and pickup of the equipment for you.

    Depending on the equipment selected, we will either ship it to you by standard parcle shipping (Canada Post, Purolator, Fedex, etc), or we will send it by a freight service on a pallet if it is too large to ship normally. Our CO2 confetti blowers are very large!

    Everlything will be delivered to your door with a return label, and all you need to do when you are done with it is pack it up the same way we sent it to you, put the return label on it, and let us know to arrange for it to be picked up.

    Of course, if you are in the Calgary area, a member of our team will personally deliver everything to you, and pickup the equipment when you are done!

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